Monday, August 28, 2017

Tea by Day, Tea by Night

Tonight, something very depressing happened. I opened my cabinet, pulled down one of my many boxes of tea bags - with a variety of flavors - and discovered that I'm now down to my final bag of chamomile, vanilla and honey tea. It has become my absolute favorite tea to drink at night, and I really don't know what I'm going to make my nighttime routine now.

Sure, I have some leftover sleepy time, but just the thought of only having one more night of my chamomile, vanilla and honey is so depressing.

Tea has always been a large part of my life. As a southerner, I was raised on sweet iced tea. My first experience with warm-brewed tea was both with my grandmother and at a large Mother's Day event at my church years ago.

We did it up, Southern Belle style, that afternoon. All the ladies brought all the women and girls in their life to the church and we got dressed in our cutest clothes (though I refused to wear a dress even then for my mother), and we were served several brews of teas with sugar cubes for taste and small finger sandwiches and small appetizing courses. Honestly, just thinking about that event now makes me wish I was back there. Every brew smelled delicious and was so creamy.

*Sigh.* If I could get a tea company to sponsor either one of my podcasts, I would be a happy girl.

I found a site called Steepster for reviewing teas and getting recommendations. Once I review what I can remember that I've tried, I cannot wait to try more. Add me, if you're there: Happy sipping!


  1. I drink the same vanilla honey chamomile tea at night and it is such a relaxing ritual.

    1. yessssss I'm so glad someone else can enjoy this with me!!


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