Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pinball Hill

We painted the town red with drinks, pinball and poetry. We started with burgers and beers in Capitol Hill. I found a brew called Banana Bread, and it smelled exactly like that. It paired nicely with the burger titled "Morning After Burger" topped with a fried egg. There were books that we explored from the intellectually informative to the literary. I refrained from buying anything. We added another friend to our threesome and made it an even four as we headed towards a very narrow bar full of pinball machines. We took shots of Baker's bourbon and sipped on whiskey sours. I excelled at the Spider-Man pinball machine, and we competed for the title of the Monster Bash. Tipsy and happy, we read poetry aloud to each other in that very loud bar across a Galaga tabletop in accents under the picture of Jesus who looked like he was weeping at the show. It was a great Monday night.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Witch Circles and Brunch

Today before work I went to brunch with Savannah and Berto. I took them to Hoffman's, we shared goodies and sandwiches across the table, and then wandered for a while. It was a bit aimless, but when we discovered a trail to the middle of a wooded area, Berto immediately exclaimed, "Dude, nature is bae!" and we kept going.

We made it to a clearing. We discussed what it might be used for - teenage orgies and drinking? Totally harmless parties? Summonings? We landed on it being the perfect place for a witch's circle. There were smooth, round stones gathered in the corner and lots of space to move around.

I'm happy spring is here. I'm happy that there is coffee and sammies and nature to explore. I'm happy that nature is bae. I'm happy that I get to do this with friends on the few hours I have before heading into work on a Saturday.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Turkey and cranberry sandwiches.

Today I made the decision to make myself get up and walk. This probably wasn't my best idea given that I had just worn my legs out walking home from a meeting at work Monday, but I knew that if I didn't get out there and write something, I never would. After I wrote for a little while at Starbuck's, I remembered that downtown there is a relatively new pastry bakery. The sign for the place is honestly really unassuming and doesn't remind me of a bakery, but when you walk in all the goodies are a dead giveaway.

The place is called Hoffman's. They have tiramisu, macaroons, scones, specialty cakes, coffee, tea, sandwiches, quiches, soups and salads. I got their turkey and cranberry sandwich on a butter croissant. It was so light and delicious. I got the combo with a salad - lettuce, chickpeas, onions, tomatoes and raspberry vinaigrette.

So while I wrote, I enjoyed the delicious food and gazed out the window, happy that it's spring and 74-degrees. (And the fact that I walked there meant I didn't have to feel guilty for devouring Hello Panda and Pocky with Tripp after dinner.) Savannah was working from home with a headache, so I dropped by and delivered her her own sandwich, and she was very grateful. It's good to try the new things in town. There is actually a restaurant that I keep forgetting to try not that far from Hoffman's. Perhaps I'll take Savannah when she's feeling better.

P.S. The Community Blog with Savannah that I mentioned before has now launched to its fullest capacity through the official Xbox platform Click on the name for more. :)