Monday, December 26, 2016

Be selfish in 2017.

I have a group text with three other wonderful women in my life who are also writers. Occasionally we are silly and dumb, sometimes we're serious, and really we're just all-around moral support. This Christmas I didn't want to forget them or the impact we can have on each other, so I sent them this:
I know I've told you all at some point but I love the three of you very much. Merry Christmas!


I hope that this next year is focused on YOU despite the shit, and cleaning out the people that make you feel more terrible than good, and focusing on what makes you happy and healthy. That's going to matter more [this coming year].

If you've got people or things in your life that are a constant feeling of obligation or you know hurt, this will be the year for course correction and caring for yourself. Gotta be selfish, then focus on each other, then focus on getting shit back on track with this damn mess of a world we live in.

And I ended it with a flourish.~ Ariel sent something back just as beautiful. This new year is going to be impactful for a lot of us, I think. We floated into 2016 not imagining everything that did happen happening. So now it's time to regroup, "suck it up", and kick ass.


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