Monday, October 24, 2016

Healthy Living: Alarm Bells

Alarms scheduled to change.

After not really having the best week(s) keeping up with changing up my food and exercise habits, I finally had an epiphany at around 3:30 a.m. last night. 

I decided that in order to keep going down the right path, I have to do much what I have done with learning Japanese: surround myself with it to stay motivated. I ended up down a very weird rabbit hole of documentaries on Netflix while I tried to work off the soda in my system. One of those was the Crossfit Games from 2015. That in conjunction with a documentary about childhood obesity, and a group of adults who all lost 100 lbs each competing in a Ragnar Run, just got me mentally back on the right track. 

I plan on waking up early tomorrow (now that I'm sitting here exhausted at 11 p.m. for some reason), and going for my first run in a while. I fell off of that boat, and I don't know how. Somehow my routine just got shaken up enough that I was actually scared to get back into it. But for about a month there, I had been seriously trying to run, and I was going to the gym every day to build up that endurance. 

Sure, I'll have to start at square one again, but it's nice to be here. It's nice coming in with a fresh outlook and clean slate. I've even got alarms set that will remind me to do certain workout tasks. I don't know about you, but when I want to, I will swipe away a calendar event if I'm comfy enough on the couch. But an annoying alarm? By the time I'm done being annoyed, I'm halfway to whatever I need to do. 

In terms of how I'm doing with my weight: I'm actually down about 5 pounds, but I had to spend another week losing it again because my brain went crazy for food the previous weekend. I'm not sure what came over me, to be honest. I genuinely wouldn't consider myself someone who has a food addiction - I mean, I love it to pieces, from cooking to consuming, but addiction? I'm not so sure about that. It's like a switch went off in my brain that weekend that said I need to consume everything, though. 

I'm thinking what will help - in the case that this is my fault, and I am putting to much pressure on myself during the week - is giving myself motivation and positivity throughout the week, then I won't feel so compelled to go nuts on my off days. I didn't think that I was doing that to myself, but maybe if I catch it early enough, I can stop it from happening sooner. 

I didn’t really burn as hard as I envisioned today when I did workout, but sometimes you have to know when your body is telling you no. But you also need to know when to tell your body to keep going. I’m working on that second part. To make up for feeling like I didn’t work hard enough after free weights and the exercise bike, I did a set of squats and push-ups. Not much, but when I was done I could tell that my body was ready for a shower and post-stretch.

Every day this week I plan on going harder and retraining myself to take the pain. I'm not really looking to become a crossfit fanatic, but it will be cool to see where I can take myself and what I can gain from all of this. 


  1. The biggest step is to start and keep going. I've always wanted to go running but some how sleep has always wanted me more than running at dawn. Hahaha.
    I hope you continued running a week after you posted this post up! Keep on going girl! You got this!

    1. Had a rough week getting back into it, but that won't stop me. <3

  2. First of all I cant believe ur 26!! U look 18 or so! and u really inspired me to get back into jogging well at least some kind of gentle work out as am expecting a baby atm so cant just get straight into jogging then end up collapsing after 2 meters of jog looooooool. See you soon, Kisses from London! Dominica.

    1. Hahah yeah I actually had a random woman last year at work think I was in my teens. -____- It happens a lot.

      A lot of folks say that I'll appreciate it one day; I don't think I'll ever *not* appreciate it, but I know that I'll definitely be happier when I look my age. Respect and all that. :P

      Congrats on the baby! :) Pinterest and YouTube are good places to find easy workouts for expecting mommies. I stumble across them all of the time even though it's not in my recent Pins - I think it just sees "healthy" and the algorithm pushes it to me, lol. Hopefully you can find something there. <3


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