Sunday, September 25, 2016

Monthly Reads 2016: September

Wondering what I've been reading this month? Honestly, more or less the same as last month. Life, y'know? Keeps you from the good stuff. Or sometimes you'd just rather nap.

I did manage to finish the stories I was working on, though, and decided to make my way to the library to return one of them. I actually didn't have the intention of getting more, but I ended up with Hunter S. Thompson: Fear, Loathing, and the Birth of Gonzo by Kevin T. McEneaney and Street Lit: Representing the Urban Landscape edited by Keenan Norris. (I also added a bunch of random stuff to my to-read list on Goodreads while I checked out the shelves.) 

Hunter S. Thompson is someone I looked up to - like most journalism students. I had his picture in my locker in high school. I studied him extensively in college. And while my college, frightened self didn't always have the nerve to consider Gonzo journalism as my thing, I got such a thrill out of knowing that there were maverick journalists who paved the way for themselves in the field by inserting themselves in the action. I'm sure it will be a treat to read this about him.

The urban literature book honestly just looked like an interesting study on the way artists have put their work out there, and the urban environment that inspired them to write. I am really excited about what I picked up.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but I actually also picked up The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood the last time I dropped by the library, on a whim, and I was so into it, but managed to not read it all in time, so I returned the copy I had today and checked it out again via ebook so I didn't feel so much pressure to still be holding onto it, keeping someone else from it. I was able to download a library copy straight to my Kindle. Thanks, future. You're doing books right.

Next time I stop into the library, I'm thinking about asking them if they take donations. I have a good bit of books I've collected since I've been here - and even more back in Georgia - that may be of better use there rather than with me. I want to share the wealth.

We'll see what I'm able to part with and what they say. (The former of the two being the bigger issue, honestly.)

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