Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Healthy Living: Whole New Me

Y'all. Today is going to be my last day of indulgence. I mean it this time.

I was just sitting here - stomach bloated to Texas at work - after eating some tasty food and thinking about just how miserable I feel. I have been doing more creative goal-making(1,2), by the way my journal-ing is going well so far, but I haven't been taking care of myself.

You're hearing it now. This is my declaration. I'm going to not "do better," but actually cut real things out of my diet. I'm going to be better.

So here's what's going out the door:
  • Soda
  • Candy
  • Potato chips (I just might cry about this one, but I'm doing it)
  • Whole fat dairy (except for feta and a few specialty cheese where the fat is part of the actual flavor and hold because trust me, no one likes bitter feta)
  • Other sugary drinks and foods like sweet tea and dessert
    • Thankfully I don't have that big of a sweet tooth, *phew*
  • Pork and beef 
    • I don't really eat much of either of those meats, anyway.  
  • Less carbs 
    • That means omitting a tortilla with my taco and getting the salad or turning my sandwich/wrap into a lettuce wrap; I don't want to be weighed down any longer.
What that means for my choices: 
  • Vegetables 
    • More and more greens, more and more fresh choices 
  • Fruits 
    • More and more fresh, seasonal fruit. No canned/packaged stuff. 
      • Thankfully I don't each much of the latter as it is. 
  • More high protein that is lean - chicken and turkey and fish 
  • More veggie substitutes to meats when I go out and when cooking meals for work for just myself 
  • More non fat and low fat dairy
  • More dairy substitutes 
  • More and more and more water 
  • Black coffee with carefully chosen additions 
    • No more just walking in for a mocha and not making appropriate substitutions 
  • More nuts and dried fruits as snacks
  • More light, un-buttered popcorn with movies 
I guess now that I've posted it, it's really happening. I don't know what part of me flipped a switch the second half of this year but I've really been on a roll. Despite everything that's been going on around me, I feel together at work, and I've been actually setting my mind to real goals again. Go me! 

I tried to do something similar to this diet change before, but I didn't have the motivation of feeling this awful behind the decision - in all honesty, a lot of these kinds of choices we make are made purely on the vanity of the choice or ourselves. But this time it's because I feel awful, and I have all summer, and I'm tired of it. 

Also I really need to get back on my workout routine. I cannot wait to start tonight with just water, no late-night indulgences and then wake up at the right time and actually workout. 

I'm sorry, body. I really am. I didn't mean to hurt you this way.

As a token of my appreciation to my body and to my honesty in doing this with you, I plan on doing weekly check-ins. That means I'm getting really honest about what food I've taken in, the exercise I completed, the amount of water I drank and how much I weigh. (I know, that last one can be scary. But it's about damn time.)

My first official update Saturday will also include a picture of me - oh God - in my workout clothes. It'll probably be the most honest series of pictures of me on this blog, but I can't wait to do it, even if I am a little scared. Here we go... 

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