Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pinball Hill

We painted the town red with drinks, pinball and poetry. We started with burgers and beers in Capitol Hill. I found a brew called Banana Bread, and it smelled exactly like that. It paired nicely with the burger titled "Morning After Burger" topped with a fried egg. There were books that we explored from the intellectually informative to the literary. I refrained from buying anything. We added another friend to our threesome and made it an even four as we headed towards a very narrow bar full of pinball machines. We took shots of Baker's bourbon and sipped on whiskey sours. I excelled at the Spider-Man pinball machine, and we competed for the title of the Monster Bash. Tipsy and happy, we read poetry aloud to each other in that very loud bar across a Galaga tabletop in accents under the picture of Jesus who looked like he was weeping at the show. It was a great Monday night.

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