Wednesday, March 23, 2016


We're getting to spring, guys. That means, light layers, breezes and more sun. At least for a little while. We've also seen just as much overcast and occasional sprinkles here on this side of Seattle. But this post isn't really about the weather or my cool selfie. Really, I've just been thinking about who I am as a professional, and where I want to be. Hence, this is a work selfie.

Where I am professionally is a thought that crosses my mind fairly frequently. Lately I've been really focused on a design project for an Xbox team and it's made me realize that all of my design and writing and editing skills shouldn't lay so dormant. Sure, I still write on the side pieces that I hope I can publish one day... But outside of occasionally working on the "maybes," I've stopped aggressively going for the projects I can do now.

Now that things are winding down with this design project, I have more time to think about the projects I started and never finished, or things that just haven't kicked off the ground yet and are taking more prep time than I anticipated. So with that, I am going to be focusing even harder on the things that make me feel fulfilled. So here we are, here are my projects/plans/things I want you to know about:

A blog with Savannah (TBA) | Art in Transit (TBA) | writing pieces of fiction and nonfiction | freelancing design
  • The blog is something that Savannah and I will be launching to its official capacity through the Xbox Ambassadors Program website soon. (More on that program here.) We intend to launch April 1, but we're still in negotiations with Xbox's PR. 
  • Art in Transit is an online, literary magazine. There is no word limit, there is no desire for published writers over unpublished. All are welcome. This is purely a place to submit your work. I've been working on the web launch for some time, and now that I can devote more time to it, I have a call out for all writers to submit their literary work. 
    • If you have questions or want to submit your unpublished work, please email Please, please, please submit your work! I would love to be able to launch with something. 
    • If you're interested in becoming an editor/team member/partner in this magazine with me, please email at the same address for more information. 
  • Some pieces I need to finally finish and look into editing and possibly publishing. I'm not much of a fiction writer, but I have two ideas that I really want to see completed. 
  • After this design project I had, I'm dying to do more. I have more permissions with the tools at work to help in a fuller capacity with design. I can't wait to do more, and expand beyond the Xbox brand, even. 
So that's what's going on in my life, and what I plan on starting and finishing. I've also been toying with the idea of a YouTube channel, but I'm trying not to start too much at once. However, if you have an idea for a YouTube channel and you want a partner, let's talk it out. ;) You can email me at any time (my email on the right-hand side). I would love to do a lifestyle-themed channel, but I'm flexible. It's much like a blog where you know what you want the moment the idea hits you. 

Okay, I'm done rambling. 



  1. Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate! can't wait for all these projects to start off. I've alway enjoyed your writing style, so I'm excited to read some more stuff soon. :)

    Bad Taste Toast - My Life and Style in Düsseldorf

    1. Aw thanks, Ina! :) I'm really trying to get things done.


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