Sunday, January 3, 2016


Today we were supposed to get snow, but it happened just north of here instead. I would usually be upset to see the lack of snow in our area, but I was too filled with joy and distracted by the friendship around me.

Today was Friendmas--that beautiful Christmas celebration you spend with just friends. Tripp, Danny, Savannah and I all swapped presents and food while watching part of the first Hobbit and just enjoyed each other's company for a few hours. Danny brought a delicious fruit salad, Savannah made a feta and spinach quiche (and brought some of her coveted coconut and chocolate muffins), I made biscuits and sausage gravy and a breakfast casserole, and we all laughed at how southern it all was--appropriate for us Georgians and Savannah, the Alabamian.

At the end of the night, there were hugs and lots of "I love you"'s, and the lack of snow didn't really matter. I would have taken more photos and pretended to be the convenient and pro blogger that others might be in these moments, but instead I chose to let my phone rest and giggle over Gandalf's crankiness with three nerds instead.

I guess, now that it's over, that means it's time to take down the decorations.


  1. It honestly breaks by heart a bit to take down all my Christmas decor. Alas, we must remember the good memories and get excited about next Christmas!

    1. That's usually me every Christmas. It may hit me when I finally take the decor down, but right now I just feel too lazy. :P


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