Saturday, September 12, 2015

Self Portrait

I drew a self portrait, and I found it kind of odd, how even though we weren't the same, we managed to make a connection. The girl in the drawing's eyes weren't exactly like mine, her lips didn't form a true smile, but I knew that she was me by the way she stood in the picture. She was undeniably me.

And then I thought about all the times I've looked in the mirror and felt different from the day before. I looked in the mirror today and felt whole and happy--even though I am working on a Saturday. I know the girl in the drawing is happy, too.


  1. Talent! I always thought it was cool to draw self portraits and almost get a sneak peek or something into how you see yourself. And you can totally fill a portrait up with emotion just by feeling what you feel while you're drawing it.

    1. Thanks! :D And thanks for stopping by. I honestly need to get into the habit of drawing more again.


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