Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mount Rainier Adventures

Just as reported, today Tripp and I made it to Mount Rainier, and it was a beautiful hike (even if he did drag me up a narrow path that made me a bit nervous and more out of breath than I expected, haha).

More under the cut...


We made a little friend that we named Henry.

He looks so good, even if I look exactly like someone who has been hiking all day. I guess not everyone can pop out of the womb looking as fresh as he.


  1. Love the pictures! Looks like a beautiful piece of nature there! It's amazing how trips to places outside of civilization can make you feel alive again, right? :)
    This little caterpillar is the cutest!

    1. He was adorable. And luckily we saw him and didn't squash him. That national park is HUGE. If you're ever in the states, you'd love it. We need to go back and explore every inch of it.


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