Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Just a feeling, I guess.

Sometimes, all you really want to do is make your dreams come true. No, I'm not about to start singing Hilary Duff (circa 2003) covers, but when you're an adult, it is hard to make what you want to happen happen.

You think, as a kid, that you'll have all this freedom and power as an adult. But when you grow up, you can sometimes feel just as helpless as you were before. Sure, I can marathon Netflix shows while I cook dinner in my underwear and not have to worry about some lame parent ruining my good time, or making me change the TV to something they want, or--Heaven forbid--make me put on pants. But I still have taxes, bills, student loans, a job. All of these things can become obstacles if you let them.

I'm trying to learn how not to let them be obstacles.

So, the other day, I came with an idea for a literary magazine. (Don't freak out, nothing is set in stone, yet.) But I do need support for this one. Because if I do this, I'll be doing this mostly alone until I get a team behind me. I have one friend willing to give input, at least, for now. But right now she's the only one, and I'm not set in letting her do more than her poor heart can handle right now, anyway. And should this go according to plan, I'll also officially be an editor again, on my own terms, if this happens. The crazy thing about the internet is if you setup a web presence, you can say you're anything. But I've been submitting my own work out there into the literary ether for months now, and I know how hard it can be for others.

I'm not using this to put my own work up and say I'm published. I'll likely never post anything there. Because this isn't about me, it's about others. It's about the written word. These are way more important things than my pride.

Anyway, it's Art in Transit. It's for those who find their muse (fiction and nonfiction prose, or poetry) while on the move--on buses, trains, road trips and living life. It's an online literary magazine. You can find the firsts of it here: @ARTin_transit

Please follow that Twitter account, and tell your friends. When the website launches, it will be announced there. Tell your friends of literary minds that they should totally get in on this action--get in on the ground floor. This is about publishing everyone's work online and expanding what literary art really means for the millions of different voices and styles out there. I guess I should have figured that an artsy gal like me would end up here, eventually.

In other news, I was granted a vacation week, and I've been spending it with Tripp. We've not done a lot of exciting, "adventurous" things yet, but we have done a lot of important things. For one, this apartment no longer looks like a pig sty (hello, I am a pig).

Tomorrow, we are going to Mount Rainier, because we have yet to do that (man, life sure takes up a lot of bandwidth), and I really can't wait for that. I plan on bringing my ol' rusty camera to take some photos while we're there. We're leaving around 11 a.m. to go.

Vacations are a great way to start up new projects and go on adventures, but don't forget to do that even on just your off days. Enjoy life, friends.


  1. "it is hard to make what you want to happen happen." - that's my life right now. this post is just YES.

    1. So happy I could help you/give you something to relate to. :)


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