Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Intractable, the movie

After 3-4 years of writing the story, filming and then later scrapping his entire first film, Heath Gleason (my younger brother) has come back with his Spider-Man fan film, “Intractable.”

The 32-minute short film begins and ends during the climax of Peter Parker’s story, as is mentioned in the beginning of the film. You learn about Peter’s past and where he’s headed in the future in this 30-minute drama, and I highly recommend you watch it. Not just because he’s my brother, but because the film was made on a $30 budget.

Subscribe to his channel, like the video on YouTube and most importantly share with those you know.


  1. I'm 6 minutes in and this is awesome! I've got some notes if they wanna hear them... Bit of a film buff myself. LOVE the music and establishing scenes... seriously. Wicked!

    1. Glad you're enjoying it. I'd recommend posting that on his Youtube page so he sees them directly. ;)


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