Saturday, September 27, 2014

This News Junkie's Missing the News

I have been writing a bit, but thinking a lot.

I miss a lot of things about working at a paper and being exposed to so much in writing, editing and design, namely doing all of those things.

So, while I have my steady job, I've been scheming.

There is something so rewarding about seeing your work published, whether you wrote it or designed it. There is also something very rewarding about knowing, in your time spent editing, that you helped and nurtured another author so that they achieve something meaningful and satisfying in their own work.

I have had many aspirations in my life, but one has continuously followed me for years: writing for a magazine. I would love to see a profile I wrote, after meeting someone with something to teach me, published in Rolling Stone or a spread I designed for someone else's great story to pop off of the page or screen.

I learned so much in school, in practice and in work. I hope I get to use these skills again some day.

It doesn't have to be a big magazine, though it would be nice. I just know that, above all, I've especially missed designing. Making little "graphics" for a blog will never match up to the satisfaction I felt in more professional designing for publications.


  1. first of all - cute cute cute photos! :) AND I LOVE your little denim throw over! I have one of those too. Such a staple. Hehe.
    secondly - yes. yes yes yes. I've been considering making my own little publication lately. girl, colab?

    PS I replied here but I dunno if you got a notification (how does all that work? who knows?! haha)

    1. We would have the BEST publication out there, haha.

  2. I miss working at a paper too. I was a journalism student and news editor of my college paper. It was tough and had long hours. But I've wanted to be a writer since second grade so I don't want to give up the dream or seeing my name in a magazine.

    1. Man, that would be amazing, right? One day... One day...


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