Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PAX Prime 2014: a Gathering of Nerds

Seattle is an interesting city. Hop on the 545 and ride it straight over Puget Sound and you're in for a city that's large, tall and full of interesting characters. Even more interesting is how many hipsters in denim actually exist here. (And I say that knowing full well I own two denim shirts, but that's beside the point.)

This past weekend Seattle hosted something even bigger: PAX Prime. PAX is a gathering of nerds: gaming card games to tabletops to video games. Gaming cover bands come to perform. Famous, professional players come to meet their fans and like-minded gamers. League of Legends members compete for the big titles. Gaming companies--big-time and indie--showcase their big titles coming soon. Fans from all around come to gawk, cosplay and participate.

Usually, convention ticket prices are too rich for my blood (and by that, I mean, I was always too poor to even afford a good DragonCon ticket), but PAX came at the right time and we managed to snag passes this past weekend so that I could go Saturday, the husband and I could go together Sunday and he could go Monday (today) while I worked. It was an amazing time, and I went wearing my Animal Crossing swag both days. We definitely did a ton that I didn't photograph, but the first day I just enjoyed the convention and the second day I bought merch and tried to take pictures when I thought of it.


A booth that sold tons of old game discs and cartridges going as far back as the NES. I also managed to get two figurine sets for Animal Crossing here.

I bought this AMAZING Joker wallet from The Killing Joke at a booth near the tabletop games, and I am so happy. I was just saying I needed a new, smaller wallet. 

One round of the League of Legends final spots for the world tournament.

This was an awesome, very in-character, Iron Man, and I considered running away with him. By the way, I can't stop laughing at how huge my hips look here. 

My Portal tank top! 

An awesome Isabelle (from "Animal Crossing: New Leaf") cosplayer, who was a sweetheart. 

Riot's League of Legends character Annie with Tibbers her teddy bear.

Yeah, it was fun!

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