Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The sun is eclipsed behind a shade of trees that you've brought me to--a home I now know because of you. If I hadn't settled for wanting more instead of settling for where I was, I would never be here. I wouldn't know your touch again or the way that I need your breath just to inhale. There's a deafening depression that comes with each "see you later," because I want for nothing but to spend every moment never being apart. I hold myself to you. You are responsible for every part of me, and you love that and want it. You do everything you can to be responsible enough for me and my love. It's a big burden and one you bear with a smile--a smile that warms me so.

 I'm not sure I will ever have quite the words I need for you, but needing you and having you are enough for now. Please stay.

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