Sunday, July 6, 2014

Off Hours

In between hours, we have still managed to adventure out here and there and go to a few new places. We went to a far-off mall, and a nearby mall, I tried a new sushi bar with some amazing sushi (and I'm hardly a fan of sushi) and went to see a few movies with some coworkers. It's definitely been a full month of fun and work, and when the two go hand-in-hand you know you've hit the jackpot.

One adventure that I'm still craving was a nearby burger bar called Tipsy Cow Burger Bar. This place was mod, funky and had all sorts of burgers on their menu from original sauces topping the best grass-fed beef they have, to grilled chicken sandwiches to even a burger called the Zeus that was essentially a lamb gyro on a bun. Their buns, especially were delicious and sweet. I can't wait until we get to go again. I had The Experience which, as you can see, was sloppy and delicious.

I have to say, it's still interesting seeing "grass-fed" on menus or large organic sections in the grocery stores. This place is way more into preservation and healthy eating than Georgia. While you can find those things in Georgia it's hardly as common or expected.

Even more recently was a party at our boss' house with our team. It was a fun turnout, and their new home was a really nice place. Even more hilarious was the round of slap-shots that happened in the downstairs bar/den/gaming room. There's nothing like watching coworkers take a shot and then get slapped hard across the cheek by another. But aside from the shots, there was plenty of food, friends and fun conversation, which is all you honestly need to have an amazing time. These people make this place as great as it is.

Life is still great here, but I do miss home sometimes. I've even built two playlists around some more southern sounds so that I can have a slice of home while I'm so far away. I miss being in Georgia, but at least with music and food I can still feel like I'm there in some way.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful few days off with some delicious food + drink :)
    xo Hannah


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