Friday, June 6, 2014

I am the duck whisperer, apparently.

If you've been following my little adventures for awhile, you know that within feet of my apartment building, in our complex, is a pond. This pond is the swimming hole of a few duck families. I sat down on the trail today while talking on the phone with my best friend, and they decided I was tame enough and came and chilled about five feet from me on the path, as well.

Several minutes passed before they finally walked back to the pond.

I took the roundabout way back to my apartment, and when I opened the back door, the ducks were hanging out. I have no idea if this is a coincidence, but someone called me the duck whisperer. I ran to the kitchen and got a slice of bread (I know, not the best for them) and divided it up for them. They went nuts over it. I totally feel you, ducks.

I was so excited about the ducks being inches from me, I didn't think about them wanting to rely on me for food now. After five minutes of them wandering off, they came back and had no qualms about getting up-close and personal with our back door anymore. So I went back to the kitchen, filled a small bowl with rice and chopped spinach and made a food pile by the pond for them. I haven't seen them since. I miss my duck friends, but I didn't want to get their hopes up too much and just break their little hearts. At least rice and spinach is somewhat better for them than bread. Especially since the ducks are still not fully grown.


  1. Oh! Can i just say, for the record, that these shots are eternally cute?! How exciting this must have been. Thank you for sharing, these little guys just brightened my day

  2. Naw how cute! We have similar tame ducks living in the big fountain at our office park. they are so tame, they already know the blue n white paperbags of the nearby bakery so when someone walks past with such a bag they will chase him :)


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