Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pizza Lunch Date

There is a place nearby called Mod Pizza, and they're one of my new favorite places to eat. You get funky atmosphere and pizza. What more could you want? You can have your pizza custom-ordered, but I just went for something off of the menu--marinara, mozzarella, mushrooms, sausage, and I added red onions.

This town is full of interesting places to eat. I still have a ton of culinary exploring to do.

Today was a day full of errands, including watching that guy get all giddy over half-off Easter candy in the grocery store. He grabbed a jumbo bag of mixed Reese's candy, so I'm not gonna' complain.


  1. Wow the pizza looks yummy! That's the best about going to new cities: exploring the food is always my favourite thing to do! :) I love to do that when I'm on city trips.

    Btw I love your tattoo! Aaand btw I'm so jealous because I love Reese's cand but we don't have it here in Germany, so not fair! :p

    1. hahahahah thank you and thank you and thank you and yessss reese's is wonderful! :D that stinks that there's none in germany. i hear german chocolate is amazing, though, in comparison with most chocolate here.


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