Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring is Slowly Approaching

While some channel on our very basic cable was playing through a marathon of Sex and the City, I took another walk. The air and sun felt great on my skin. That's when I realized: Spring is slowly approaching.

When I came back from my walk, Sex and the City was still on, and this time it was an episode about twenty-somethings versus thirty-somethings. I'm proud to say, that despite being a twenty-something, I will never subscribe to the partying lifestyle or personality deficiencies that ravaged the twenty-somethings they made fun of in the episode. I prefer walks outside in the warm sun to vomiting beer from a keg during a beach bonfire. Though, I do love bonfires--I just prefer to not get crabs or drunk during them.

So about this spring thing--I can dig it. I'm ready to see what blooms here.


  1. Very interesting.
    I feel the same way. While my teenage friends are getting drunk repeatedly every weekend, i seem to have more fun just at home playing music and getting up early to take walks. Spring is slowly making its way here, too.
    Lovely shot of that beautiful tree.
    Have fun exploring this spring :)



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