Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Southern Charm

It would be one of our last visits in Georgia before the move; the house was as it always was--antiquated but full of southern charm. The sun always beaming through the windows and the elderly couple who owned the home always beaming at one another. If there were such a thing as a perfect marriage, they had it, as much as two could.

There are some things about the south that you cannot get anywhere else. While I'm happy to be miles away from rednecks and I won't as often hear songs about red solo cups and hoedowns, not all of it is about that. Sometimes it's charming folk and bluegrass with better messages than mainstream radio. Sometimes it's turnip greens and corn bread with every other meal. Sometimes it's country accents that add to the southern charm and not detract from what someone is saying. Sometimes it's something as simple as hearing an older woman, who has lived in south Georgia her entire life, say "Well, I do delcare!" and it's a sincere expression.

It is a strong hug that envelopes you on all sides and someone saying, "I love ya', be safe now!"


  1. Beautiful writing. I love what you were saying about music. Mainstream music just isn't my favorite and over the past year have been craving something more. I wish to death we had some americana and bluegrass stations here in Kansas. however, i do play bluegrass so i'm quite attached to that.
    Wonderful post :)

    1. you play it? that's wonderful. it takes a lot of talent for bluegrass. people who can play the fiddle and banjo that way blow my mind.

  2. Beautiful pic & beautiful post! I have to visit Georgia again, it has been almost 11 years since I was there last!


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