Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ice, Ice Baby

I woke up to white on the ground, but it wasn't the soft anomaly from last time. And I say "anomaly" with the same amount of appreciation as before. Georgians are more accustomed to ice than we are snow, but the ice sometimes comes in a white blanket that we call "snow." It's all we have. So when we do get actual snow, it's a blessing in disguise. The dogs remembered the fun from last time and ran outside to enjoy the icy ground--they didn't know the difference. It was nice seeing them enjoy something and not nitpick at the particulars of it. In a way, I learned something from their giddiness today.

The only real downfalls of an ice storm of this magnitude: power outages, 20 mph winds, trees falling down and, of course, ice everywhere. I'm just praying that everyone hit today with the ice storm stays as safe as possible.


  1. i am always like... who actually likes this stuff!

    1. I don't actually mind even the ice form, but I hate that Georgia keeps dropping the ball and not doing anything to ice the roads. Like, they did put salt and gravel on the roads deep in downtown Atlanta, but the roads are terrible here, and they didn't even try to do anything.


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