Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Decisions

"It's gonna' snow Tuesday," everyone said. Everyone so sure of it. Everyone so determined. I stepped outside and took in the winter air. It didn't feel like winter, though. Georgia often has a bitter chill that is followed by some warmer breezes later in the week. We know winter, but we don't know winter the way some of those Yankees do, I reckon.

Monday afternoon and I've contemplated stepping outside and sipping tea, but I don't know what else I would do. Would I read in that time, do something artistic, play with the many technological gizmos and gadgets I have acquired over the years? I am definitely one for mental stimulation. But even on winter days like today where everyone swears it will be snowing three inches tomorrow, yet the air feels as if it's only 60-degrees, the breeze reminds me of the days I feel most alive. So I must fill the day with something thrilling.

Inside the house are mugs in the cupboard and an assortment of teas; two dogs who don't mind sitting outside all day with me if I so choose; and nothing in particular to do. I remember that my time here is slipping, and that I have to spend it enjoying the present. With that said: green tea, black tea, Irish tea, cinnamon tea or raspberry tea? They all seem delightful in their own ways. Perhaps green tea with honey will soothe me best. The day is still young--a book might be nice. An escape to another world, a book about an asylum sounds chilling enough.

But what about the rest of the week? I guess I have to listen to my own motto and worry about the present--and choose not to worry at all. I have to enjoy the winter while it feels like spring and accept and appreciate the snow should we see any tomorrow. I have an entire week ahead of me. After all, it's only a Monday afternoon.

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