Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Vacation in Pictures

My Vacation in Words


I love the North Georgia mountains, and I just got back from a family vacation there. It's seriously the best place on the planet when you just want to get away from everything. We rented a cabin in Ellijay and stayed for four days. We went into Blue Ridge a bit, but mostly spent our time in and around our cabin--we were right on the river and way up high on the mountain. My brother and I spent a lot of time walking our dogs and exploring. I touched up on my photography--which I hadn't done in awhile--and helped Heath work on getting footage for his film. It was such a wonderful experience.

Here is my vacation in pictures. (My vacation in words coming soon.)


DSLR shots--it was really hard to narrow down the pictures I wanted to share from this collection:


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rest in Peace

And just like that, he's gone. "That" could be a snap of one's fingers or a long and painful ride. The fact remains, however, that the last exchange is all you have. Of course, I can't afford to live with that sort of guilt. In the end, I'd like to believe people don't die with bitterness in their hearts. People die reminding themselves what it meant to be alive. 

I want to reach out, but this time the distance is more than just miles. I would give anything to be able to say to her face, "I understand." Empathy comes with experience, unfortunate or not. I just want to be there when I know I can be. 

I've always been terrible when it comes to comfort; however in serious cases, I like to think I step up when needed. And, wanted or not, I've caught myself being the one people find when they need someone to listen. I may not be their best option, but if they choose me, I must not be their worst. 

Death brings demons that are buried inside of us. You feel every moment of love and anger you've ever felt towards a person when you realize you can't express anymore to them. You can't hold them, you can't say all the wrong things in the heat of the moment, you can't forgive them. 

I just want her to know she has a friend. And even if she may never know that, she's surrounded by people who care. People she needs to keep close. People who have helped her stay strong through so much. I just pray she doesn't seclude herself. It's okay to feel every emotion and remember every memory. It's okay to grieve. I hope she knows that. I wish I could be there to tell her that. Because I may have never been graceful at good-byes, but I'm a professional when it comes to pushing people away. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

100 Words: Grateful

Sometimes there are days like today where the breeze is almost too warm for this already heated summer climate, yet it's comforting. Like a vacation. That's when I don't mind being here still--when I'm reminded this place is comforting. I wish I could capture it in a picture. Words aren't even sensory enough for days like today.

If the birds find reasons to sing, I can, too. I'll take today over yesterday, because it's here. It's the moment I'm living in. And I'm grateful.