Tuesday, August 6, 2013

100 Words: "I believe we have a constitutional responsibility to commit acts of journalism."

Words have changed so much in our world, and his words set me ablaze. The professor stood before the mixed group of 62 student journalists--all college editors--and told us that what we do matters. He said more than that, but he gave us validation and hope. The stress, the exhaustion--it’s worth it.

The doubt that clouds my judgment fades when I get such affirmation. I'm not be the best, but I’m passionate about it--about telling stories. It’s our jobs. And we learned that day that we’re all pretty damn good at it in our own ways.

The biggest, that we saw, of CNN domestic's newsrooms.


"'Knowledge crowns those who seek her.'"
"Journalism is too damn important to give up on... Tell stories that matter."


  1. What a great quote! It is so awesome when your professors give you hope instead of installing fear into you.

    1. Yeah, the speakers/professionals/professors we met at the conference were amazing!

  2. Problem is the Papparazzi and journalist whom are arrogant and think making sensations is above moral standards.. I'll never forget CNN and the mistakes they made. Moral reporting and accounting for ones words should be taken into account for future reference by journalists not just Sensationalism to achieve a few more bucks...Others can pay the price of irresponsible journalism...

    1. Darling, we're clearly talking about two very different things.


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