Monday, May 6, 2013

Six pieces of inspiration from my year so far...


1. A message from a student organization in a hall at my university.
2. Letters are always inspiring. This is one from my pen pal and a best friend/soul sister, Ariel. I'm racking up pen pals, which means I need to start sending off letters soon.
3. A message etched into a bench on campus. Graffiti probably isn't very "Godly," but it was a sweet message, nonetheless.
4. Occasionally, I draw.
5. My latest tattoo (I only have two, anyway). It's a reminder to keep my chin up and a reminder of how far I've come. The heart was a bit of my own tribute to Demi Lovato, whose story really helped mine. I love her honesty and her passion to actually be there for people. I actually got it the same night she Tweeted that she was 11 months sober and healthy. That was such a cool thing for me because I didn't know. Now she is passed year, moved out of the sober living house and into her own apartment and moving forward. I couldn't be happier for her and how far she's come. (Read about some of my revelations since I've been on my road to mental recovery: here, here, here, here, here, here and here.)
6. I got to see Demi live for the first time.She came to Orlando and performed at Universal Studios.  After the tattoo coincidence, seeing her was even more exciting for me. I felt so connected to her. Music is so powerful, and she actually uses it to its full advantage. Belting out the lyrics to "Skyscraper" along with her--and through tears even--was so freeing and reaffirming that I am stronger than I was when I was younger, and all the issues I had suppressed were finally behind me. My best friend and boss went with me and she was converted into a bit of a fan and gained some respect for Demi. (It was kind of a "ha!" moment for me.) It was one of the best moments of my entire life. I got to see Demi in action, and I got to see her happy. (And as an added bonus, she was phenomenal at everything, and we got to hear her latest single "Heart Attack" live for the first time--for her and for us. Not to mention, we were her first real show [with a full set list] since her summer tour ended and X Factor really kicked into high-gear.) Okay, I'm done talking about that now. It was just a great night. And Universal Studios is so much fun, so I recommend going any chance you get. The only thing that would have made that experience better was if I could have met her. But I enjoyed getting to experience Universal, and not the waiting line, more. Next time I see her at a concert venue, yes. It will happen. (This was the post where I touched on it a bit: here.)

I had more pictures I could have posted, but these really said something for me. They have been significant moments for me in the past four months. Sometimes, it feels like it was longer ago than just this year--I look back and it feels as though this year flew by and drug by all at once. But I guess we say that every year, don't we?

What has made your year inspiring? Who has inspired you?
Stay strong, friends.

'Demi Lovato: Stay Strong' documentary.


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