Monday, February 11, 2013

Becoming a Wanderer

You're only as strong as the glass case you hide in--like a porcelain doll perfectly presented to the world that matters. That's what she taught me. I want to be more than that, I thought. I was just sitting behind a computer screen avoiding more work, because that has become my profession. I manage to achieve a lot of virtual work in a day and remain physically listless until called upon. Like a happy lie.

Rather, I would like to try and achieve all I can because that is what I am sitting at this desk to do. The rest will fall into place when I get up and stretch. Because I'm not an antique--something aging by the day and immobile. I am a wanderer pleading to be let out of her cage. And life is out there, somewhere--for the past 22 years, the world has served me well, to some degree. It doesn't deserve a lie, nor do any of the people about whom I write.


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