Sunday, September 30, 2012

100 Words: Shadows Fade

The shadows fade as I walk, the light kisses closest to the ground then strays. It's like a painting. Three hours from here, autumn is changing the town I know into a colorful utopia--a sight for these worn eyes. Here, the summer sun is still at its peak. We'll likely not see autumn at all--if we're lucky, we'll see winter.

"The winter is supposed to be brutal this year," she said. I'll believe her when I'm home and I can see a flurry or snow, or two. For now, I'm miserable under the unforgiving sun, until I look down again and see the way the shadows fade. They cross through me and fight my silhouette that dances behind me. It's the only bright spot of my day.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Life Lately

Another one of those Instagram/picture posts. Brought to you by a newly cracked iPhone, awesome people and AT&T.


1. Frozen drinks with Shanequa (Smirnoff and Daily's pouches--the big-people Caprisuns), and homework.
2. I Tweeted a couple of weeks or so ago that I wanted a Tamagotchi, and Trey went and ordered one for an early birthday present. The best!
3. Homemade pizza I made with Trey--he'd never had it before.
4. Japanese for lunch with Chelsea.
5. Pinkberry's pomegranate flavor!
6. My new dress that makes me feel like Dorothy--got it in Old Navy's clearance for about $10.
7. Studying for my lit classes--we're dissecting all the fairy tales. It's wonderful.
8. Chelsea when we ate Japanese food.
9. My iPhone's screen cracked. Me mad.
10. Trey and I.

Monday, September 10, 2012

100 Words: Ring Hand

I have a photographic memory. The minute details I typically see help create stories. I have more sympathy for those around me when I find the little details than I do when someone over-shares the otherwise personal details. The small details I find by accident are often meant to be hidden; they are scars, memories.

Even I have them.

The jingling noise he makes while playing with his wedding band wasn’t there that day. I looked on his hand to find it was missing. Every day, I check again--perhaps I was mistaken, I think. To my dismay, it has been a week or so, and all I can hope for is that everything is fine. That’s definitely one story--one person--that deserves a happy ending.