Sunday, August 12, 2012

200 Words: Learning Something New

Riding a bike is easy; you never forget the mechanics. However, we all felt inadequate when we walked into the office Friday morning. To say our memories were "rusty" would be an understatement. We had been trained for months to do this. The worst of it was being left in charge of it all. That was me. This week, half of the staff felt frantic while the other half were too mellow to care.

We read several graphs of information, checked archives and databases for old information, made graphics, took photographs and then we had to lay it all out. Our deadline was Friday evening, and we had a whole week to make this issue of our school newspaper the best. It wouldn't be good because of the efforts of one person, even me (the pathetically unprepared student who was thrown into a position she had yet been trained for), but because of our entire staff. And we managed.

Several of us learned something new Friday. Our photo editor got her first taste as a photo editor. Our new ad manager was tested for the first time. And then there was me; I learned that I can actually do this.