Monday, February 27, 2012

100 Words: Untitled

A university of the future preaches progression to students--more rights for minorities, more technology where technology is lacking. More of this, better of that. "We must reach for the future! For a better tomorrow!"

And still, with all of us dreaming progressive dreams where an unreachable, idealistic world accepts everyone and all love to love, the halls reek of moth balls and mold, and the line between antiquity and rust has since been erased.

However, I think something would have been lost in the experience, had the cliché of an aging university not been the case for me. Somehow, I need this.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Life According To Instagram

Because I am a bit uninspired and lacking in the free time to put together something of which I can say I am proud, I decided to do a picture post instead. (My username on Instagram is dearjenna, if you are interested.)

Here we go--my life for the past few weeks. It's not that exciting, but I still love it.

1. A date night with my fiancé and I even tried a new hairstyle: a braided headband.
2. Dinner at the Atlanta Bread Company with my friend Christina.
3. An Instagram outfit post for the day.
4. Just some braids I was trying out that night.
5. A dinosaur Chelsea doodled on my hand.
6. Instagram outfit post.
7. My love.
8. My friend Chelsea straightening her hair so she could show me the new colors she dyed it.
9. On the way to my love's house.
10. Trey's parents have a bunny named V and he's so sweet. I got to pet him for the first time that day.
11. Some delicious Pinkberry.
12. Some homemade photo booth pictures Chelsea and I made and printed out.