Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Late-Night Ramblings: War

***This is how my brain worked at 2 a.m. once.***

It's the putrid taste and smell of corpses in the air. It's when you know that all these men have fought for is an inherited sense of glory God despises.

I'm not much to say I hate war--I know war is inevitable. I hate what people derive from wars. One man's glory equates to another man's guts. War is inevitable because we let it be so. Good men kill for good reasons, and we hang insane men in court for acting on their own reasoning; "insane" is just as relative as "good."

It's a man-eat-man world out there. I sometimes wonder if we missed our chance for a Revelation. Have we, in a fit of ignorant and defiant rage, killed off the one Anti-Christ to save us from ourselves and ensure true Salvation from above? Perhaps we managed to even surprise God.


  1. Interesting. Once, in once of those two in the morning conversations over too much coffee, I postulated how the holocaust could be seen as armageddon, and, thus, we now live in a post-'pocalyptic world.

    1. That's actually really interesting. Ponderings like that inspire me to write dystopian novels. Maybe one day I'll work up enough courage.


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