Monday, September 10, 2012

100 Words: Ring Hand

I have a photographic memory. The minute details I typically see help create stories. I have more sympathy for those around me when I find the little details than I do when someone over-shares the otherwise personal details. The small details I find by accident are often meant to be hidden; they are scars, memories.

Even I have them.

The jingling noise he makes while playing with his wedding band wasn’t there that day. I looked on his hand to find it was missing. Every day, I check again--perhaps I was mistaken, I think. To my dismay, it has been a week or so, and all I can hope for is that everything is fine. That’s definitely one story--one person--that deserves a happy ending.


  1. I love that you notice the little things even if they do end up being sad little things sometimes. And you're right, he deserves a happy ending.

    1. <3 he really does deserve it. Still don't see one. :(

  2. I don't think I know this person, do I?


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