Monday, June 18, 2012

100 Words: Soon

You never forget the little things: the way he smells, the feeling of being wrapped in his arms, or the texture of his hair. All of these things I always remember vividly--tormentingly, so. These little things make it the hardest to say "good-bye" to when the time comes--and it seems to always come for us. 

But one day, I know, we won't have to say "good-bye" anymore. One day, we will be coming home to each other. At the end of the night, we won't be sleeping alone. I just hope one day time together won't be less precious. 

I can't wait to come back to you. Soon we will be able to go months without missing each other. Soon.


  1. Well that's just lovely. I hope the time comes very soon when you can be together as much as you want.

  2. Love is the best feeling in the world and never having to say goodbye. Only good morning and good night. Now that's the best part. :)

  3. This was bittersweetly lovely. Soon is a mantra that resonates.


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