Monday, April 2, 2012

Howl At the Moon

I know I don't usually do poetry, but I used to write songs and poetry all the time. You can blame this on my muse of the night, Eisley.

The moon changes faces
Few pay attention anymore
But I still watch each night with admiration

I don't wish on stars
No ball of gas can comfort me
No light strong enough to overcast the One inside me
But I still find its presence significant
Even after so many nights before

The moon winks at me
I smile back, politely
I fall asleep knowing hope is in tomorrow's wake

Across the way a young boy sighs
Looking past the moon
He howls into the dark

He still can't find the Light
So he howls at the moon
The tricky, reflective sphere in the sky

Dashing between the clouds, the moon dances
I hear the boy's howls from miles away
I press my finger to my lips
"Watch," I say gently
"Watch the moon sway!"

The moon changes faces
Few pay attention anymore
But together
In different places
And for different reasons
We will watch tonight
I pray he finds admiration in its eyes one day like I


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! :D Listening to Eisley really gets me in the mood to write something.

  2. I like it!! And that's something for me! LOL! Seriously though, you are such a great painter with words :) And I love the blunt "No ball of gas can comfort me" Hahha haha!! You're awesome :)

  3. Im so thrilled you guys are enjoying it! :)

  4. no lie i'm going to look at the moon differently tonight :) such a beautiful poem! you should definitely write more of them xo


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