Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Cold

Two steps out of the door, and the humidity hits me. The first to absorb its malevolence was my hair—typical. I wanted to run inside, shower again, and come out with an air-conditioned HAZMAT suit.

“You asked for rain,” I said, with a grimace to my roommate.
“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” she said, the guilt suffocating her.

Across seas, men and women are reveling in the colder weather; I long to feel the appropriately-placed chill. I want nothing more than to see my breath reflected in the crisp air, to bundle in a warm jacket, to have a reason to drink hot cocoa—with marshmallows, always with marshmallows. I miss the long days of winter.

I want to feel the depth of cold trickle down my spine, the cold air clear my sinuses, and the warmth of a fireplace. Yet, with the season drawing closer, winter is just a pipe dream the longer I remain here.


  1. I know all about humidity and hair-stupid curly stuff. When it's winter, the days are bittersweetly short, watching the sun along the ridge line. My twisted skeleton does not like the cold, but I really want to go snowshoeing up along the tundra this year.

    Winter is coming. Such is the way. Sooner than we all think, but, maybe, later than we hope...

  2. Beautifully true.

    Last year, for the first year ever, I was greeted with a Christmas snow in my hometown. I'm praying it happens again.

  3. I'll tell you what - You take these stinkin MN winters and I will take your warm humid...whatever season you're in :) Deal?? :-D

  4. If you really want humidity, I'll give you it. it's the worst ever. :(


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