Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bells, But No Booze

Typically, before attending a wedding, I go through a few items on my mental checklist. I must prepare myself for the long, ceremonious speech given by the minister, and the possible outbursts and dramatic reactions to happiness deserved and bitterness received by others.

Weddings are strangely arousing--but not in all the ways the prospect of a honeymoon would presume. They tear families apart, rekindle old loves, and make people want to do dance. A little of everything was experienced at this one: a young couple feeling pushed aside by their family for their baby out of wedlock; a model couple finally exchanging vows; dancing to every genre of song; small portions of delicious foods on small plates; snooty country club servants and members walking past the ballroom in dismay to see blue collars in their establishment; other couples kissing at every moment of glee; and some family members glaring down others.

The only reprieve to any dismay was the blessing of no booze being served as a main course at this particular occasion (as is the usual for others I have attended).

"If they want alcohol, they can go to the bar and buy it themselves, but my dad is not paying for it," the bride-to-be said at the rehearsal dinner the night before. She is wise beyond her years.

Despite the minister talking for a long time, and the song--playing as the couple exited--quickly turning into something akin to "Phantom of the Opera" with the slip of a few fat fingers, the wedding was actually less ceremonious and more celebratory.

Jordan looked into Katye's eyes and was finally able to call her his wife. For someone who is not a big fan of weddings (because none have actually been nice, except this one), I was moved. What a lovely way to spend the evening.


  1. I admire the idea of the bride about the booze. Makes sense, actually.

    Best wishes for the couple.

    Carry on, girl! =)

  2. Weddings really are something huh?! :)) Personally, I love them, but am brilliant at being oblivious to the drama . ;)

  3. I'm usually thrown into the middle of my family drama, whether I want to be or not.

  4. I used to hate weddings... but now I like them its just a reason to let loose and be happy! I remember to stay drama free too!


  5. <3

    i think after this one i will learn to enjoy them more and loosen up more. :)

  6. Haven't visited for awhile. Nice to come in at a wedding - and the drama therein... all grist to a writer's mill and very human.

  7. Thank you very much. Wish you would come by more often. I love my readers.


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