Wednesday, July 27, 2011

100 Words: The Mall

They walk around with excitement—in a place they have been to more than once. It continues to feel new with every visit: bright lights, glass doors, display of fabrics, aromas and accessories; every aspect, every corner, captivating their senses.

Mindless machines conforming and contributing to the capitalistic condition of our system. The cologne attracts them. The bright colors bring them through the door. The concept of something “new” causes a capitulation of souls and wallets.

We walk, we stare, we eat from the Chinese buffet, and we walk quickly past the kiosks. We will not become the next victims.


  1. I love the chinese buffet! My favorite part of mall trips. Well, that a new stuff. Very nice, hon.

  2. Hey Amber, darling. <3 Chinese is totally awesome. ;D
    (This was from this past weekend when Melody and I went to Lenox.)

    I love theeee mall. Hehe.

  3. I was talking with a friend recently about how our way of life, the consumerism of our society, has increased the number of individuals who have ADHD and similar attention disorders. I would say the mall can and does contribute to this.

  4. Oh yeah. There definitely is a correlation. I've been noticing it myself. :)

  5. " We will not become the next victims." Hahahaha!! Love it :))

  6. Oh wow, I didn't think malls could make an interesting read!


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