Thursday, June 16, 2011

100 Words: Working Gloves for Idle Hands

My hands, once tied down by the bounties of life, have been granted a chance to regain circulation. Yet, encroaching on a third month of a "vacation," I begin feeling shameful. Of all the frustration felt after the most frustrating semester I have yet to endure, this still feels undeserving. The binds once tying my fingers tightly together, are replaced by my thighs resting heavily on them as I sit and wait for something.

I never would have thought I would be unable to enjoy reserved boredom. I need the business and bustle of life. Without which, I am lost.


  1. I know the feeling, I work from home and thus, once my work is done, there is not much to keep me busy - I miss the hustle and bustle of being at an actual school or workplace, which is rather ironic, considering I took all that for granted and even sometimes resented it at the time.

  2. Know exactly how you feel. I am always much more productive in my leisure moments while busy with other obligations like school and/or jobs. Some people see it as a paradox, but they don't understand that having limited leisure time pushes you to make the most of what free time you do have. Otherwise you tend to drift toward an existential vacuum.

    It sounds like you are in that type of situation. But worry not...try to keep yourself busy as best you can until the familiar hustle and bustle resumes.


  3. I have been on an "unemployment vacation" for six months and, unlike wine, it doesn't get better with time. At least there is something for you to look to, school. When your days turn long and your sanity stretches thin, it pains you to see the sun rise again. So don't fret too much, soon you'll be back in the mix of things, hoping for a small vacation.

  4. Oh I am just the opposite most of the time (to a fault), always welcoming the stillness and rest of vacation and time off.. :)

  5. your thought is mind-blowing, i would to read more here...

  6. Hannah: My stepmom has picked up knitting to keep her busy during the summers--she's a teacher, you see. Maybe you could do something like that! :D

    Shane: Glad someone knows how I feel. I had three dreams last night--two during naps, one during the actual night--that were about school. I think I'm ready now, :P

    Henry: I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things look up for you soon. :)

    adrielleroyale: Haha yeah I know a lot of people that are the complete opposite of me. Sometimes I wish I were that way so I'm not just begging for something to happen. I've gotten back into my work-out routine, though, so I'm filling my day with something good, and it's making me feel better.

    water healer dallas: Thanks.

  7. Same here....^^drifting towards the existential vacuumm of Summer...

    Going to force myself out of said vacuum and go for a run, I think.. :)

  8. Ooh. I wish I were a runner. Alas, I'm not that active. I get on the exercise bike for cardio, but, past that, I don't do much else. Oops. :|


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