Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Whether students were greeted with the sounds of "Pomp and Circumstance," or the friendly faces of relatives and friends as they leave campus, one thing was for certain: summer has begun.

At home, the pollen is not as frequent of a visitor; the gnats not in my face, pestering, as they once were. The humidity that punished my skin is barely noticeable, now, and I am content.

I look at all of the friends who have big plans for the summer. I have some of my own. While I may not be travelling overseas, taking a professional internship or even taking on another semester of academics during the hottest months of the year, I will be relaxing, and taking time to enjoy life a little more, sleep a little more, dream a little more, and prepare a little more for my future endeavors.

The roses are blooming in our garden—the buds now opening to reveal the beauty within. I might make a walk over to the garden patch and smell a few, just for kicks.


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  1. Aw man! I really miss the days of summer breaks and scheduled vacations!!! That lasted for months!!!!! I guess that's what weekends are for now... I have to think of them as mini summer vacations :) Enjoy your summer! I hope to have frequent blog posts from you in my google reader... in th midst of your relaxation :)

  2. Your post reminds me when I was in school. It was great time indeed. now I'm working in company and I miss that time.

    buy the way, recently it's been rainy in south korea for whole week, I hope to see sunshine and flower too.

  3. Yes, Summer vacation.... I miss them!
    Now it's work, work, work, beg your boss for a break, work, work, work.

    So enjoy your summer while you can!
    And don't forget to let us know what you've been up to!!

  4. Yeah I'm definitely grateful I still have summer vacations. :) Whenever I am doing more than relaxing--my plan for this week--I am sure I'll definitely have loads to say on my blog. :D

    You can't stop me from writing, really.

  5. One of my favorite speakers, Rob Bell, says in his full length dvd "Everything's Spiritual" that the Sabbath was created to remind man to be a human being not merely a human "doing". How easily this simple, yet profound, insight is lost in the conventional lifestyle we are raised into...

    I love this post. Smell the flowers. Dream. Live. Experience. You may find you have a more fulfilling summer than most will. :)

    ps. glad youre back! Hope the exams went well!

  6. Rob Bell is a pretty cool guy. I'm not a huge fan, but he does say some profound stuff sometimes.

  7. i gotta say, this made me feel a lot better about rarely having any big plans for the end of semester break.

  8. yeah i understand completely. i'm trying not to feel guilty about the break and make the most of it.

  9. I thought i already responded to this, but thank you. :)

    Rob Bell definitely has some cool stuff to say. :D

  10. I am now in the middle of completing fianl assignments and getting ready for exams - but roll on June 17 and then its holidays and the odd big party or two:):) I love the rose - is it scented?

    enjoy the hols - Olga from http:revedoa@blogspot.com

  11. I'm glad you are surrounded by beauty as you rest and find peace with your world. Maybe you can paint a tattoo dresser?!?!


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