Saturday, May 14, 2011


Melody and I were in a state of perplexity, having driven around trying to find the crematory center, finally arriving at the memorial service for a mutual friend's father who had recently passed. The mysterious demon, cancer, had taken hold of this life as well--one week after the friend's sister miscarried and had to deliver her stillborn baby boy. "Rough" is one adjective that will never truly describe the time in this family's life.

The memorial service was small in number and in time spent. The speaker spent more time anecdotally describing the man's life full of laughter, and reminding us immortality is but a dream. While I cannot speak for the rest of the group there, self-reflection was at the forefront of my mind, and nothing more.

"I don't know much, but I do know what was always written in red--the stuff Jesus said." During all of the arrangements, the deceased spoke those words to the night's speaker. That, along with a few last words in which stated, "I'm holding your baby boy now," to his eldest daughter who had suffered the miscarriage, caused tears to form in my eyes over a man I never truly knew.

But, if his last few words to the ones he loved are any way to gauge his person, he was and is beautiful. As is his family. Seeing all of the faces filled with tears of joy and mourning made me realize, I have to make sure my loved ones' feelings come before my own, otherwise, I would hate to think what they would be feeling at my own memorial service, theoretically (hopefully), years from now.


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  1. Beautiful tribute... May they smile upon you from heaven..

  2. Gosh. What sadness. This is a lovely tribute, I hope you send your friend a copy of it.

  3. I'm sorry for you and your family's loss, but this was beautiful! I'm so glad death isn't the final word. :)

  4. I didn't lose anyone. It states in the entry that it's a friend's family member of whom I did not know.

  5. Yup. I caught that, but the comment was already submitted. My apologies!

    Still a nice post though.


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