Friday, April 8, 2011

"Times Are Hard"

I made my way through the library, hardly amused by the lack of help I received from the librarians. It seems odd one can get a job without really having the skills anymore, I thought. It was possible I was just being unfair and ridiculous, but simply answering a question about why the computer would not log me into my email was not a hard one, not with the tech-boys standing right there to assist as well--all of them equally inattentive and blank. Walking out of the library, I spotted Flucas. He greeted me with his usual big smile and I did the same back. I have been noted for saying he always shows up--like a guardian angel--whenever I need something or I am not feeling like my whole self. I was happy to say I did not need him this time. For once, Flucas was just amongst some familiar faces I pass on campus everyday. While I never mind his caring disposition, not needing an arm around me is much better than needing one.

"In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." Anne Frank, of all people, wrote that line. In the midst of tragedy and fear, she still saw the light in others--that same torch I mentioned some time ago as being my responsibility to likewise to share to others just as Flucas had shared with me on a day I truly needed it. And while I crave to be someone to whom my friends can turn, I also understand how bitterness spreads, and that I am just as much a contamination on humanity as any other person. My cynicism is widespread and my joy for life is often overshadowed by small things this illness holds onto: lack of sleep, an unfortunate menstrual cycle--it is all relative and contagious.

And it is most unfortunate to find one of the youngest and most prosperous nations in the world, at one time, my home, the United States of America, finds themselves in a battle of wits (and I use that term loosely). For all I say in defense of the administration--given the burden Obama was handed to carry from the last decade or so of presidents--not having a budget plan for a fiscal year already five or six months in now, is by far the worst I have seen with my active eye. And still, midnight tonight is the deadline, and if all else fails, we will fall into a "government shutdown" (the latest trend on every news-feed these days), and I can only hope it is but a mere shade of what many witnessed in the 90's--an inconvenience, and nothing more.

In voicing my political opinion, I usually do not, and this will be one of those usual times. Press waiting on the sidelines and the men within are optimistic something will come together. I will say this, and leave it alone: the majority needs to win, so America can at least try it their way. Semblance can be found in a child taking a test (which, by the way, I wholeheartedly hate education budget cuts): if the child puts something down to fill a blank space, they at least have something, and some points are better than none at all. I understand where arguments could triumph over my own statement of fact, but that is why politics is more complex than it is worth at times.

Today, with all of our comforts, full stomachs and roofs over our heads, we are an incredibly lucky people. Anyone capable of accessing this page is just as lucky as I, some may have even more than I could imagine. The dear girl huddled in an annex with more people than many of us would even consider living, found love and harmony even under the blinding darkness and forced serenity of her time--a time when she was victimized for her religious beliefs, her coincidence of birth and her name. The most I have felt victimized for are the small and petty bullying tactics found on a playground. I have not had, and I pray I never will, an entire community come after me simply because of something of birth I can not control.

She knew every day was a gift, no matter how it was spent. The winters are long here, and sometimes brutal in comparison to what we are used to feeling, but spring always follows, and all of us, sitting at home or in our offices, as of this moment, were lucky enough to survive it, and will more than likely be lucky enough to see and experience more in the morning. We see life renewed each year, and have for many years. We have been able to breathe the air and see life with fresh eyes--whether some have taken the opportunity or not is another story entirely, but it is there for the taking, just waiting.

My mother sat me down when I was just at the end of my elementary years and read with me through The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. Her words and her passion for life were what inspired me in those days. In all honesty, I think part of it was a ploy--as I have stated before, my mother was desperate for me to continue reading and writing. Those developmental skills she helped me build were what helped me read through Miss Frank's diary the first time, and then several times afterward. I cried when she cried, and, more importantly, I smiled when she smiled. This girl, not much older than I at the time, had such a significant impact on my life, and it pains me to know I will never, in this lifetime, at least, be able to properly thank her for all she has given me.

Times are indeed hard, but they could be harder. And it is in remembering what people like Flucas, my loved ones and inspiring figureheads who have welcomed me into their past, like Anne Frank, have given me. It keeps me motivated to keep giving back to others, and to remember all I have. No one gets anywhere alone; we all start where our benefactors, ancestors and parents left off. I may have not been born into money, but I was born into love. I would rather die knowing I was loved and capable of loving, than know I had tons of worthless paper money sitting in my pockets before it all ended, and nothing more.


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  1. So true! It's funny how this post ties into your last one. It's NOT about the money! It's about the people. Not necessarily "We the People," but the people we know. The people we see every day. It's so important to remember that. Our attitudes and the way we carry ourselves have much more of an impact than the number attached to our bank accounts. Our success in remembering that is what will get us through these "tough times." Great post!

  2. I love this post, just sayin'. :)

  3. Love that last paragraph. It really wraps up the whole post very well and states something that everyone should remember: we are all blessed in some way and should be thankful for everything we have and quit giving all the attention to the bad things in life! And I agree, love in itself is of immeasurable worth! Great post! (:

  4. Your posts are awesome! I never get tired reading them no matter how long they are. Thumbs up!

    XOXO Trish @ :)

  5. I couldn't agree with you more. I too am grateful for my loved ones and the lessons they have taught me in my life. This post has definitely helped me put a few things into perspective. Thank you:)

  6. HI! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it because you have given me so much food for thought!
    I battle with depression and have been doing so for the past 12 years. It's a constant struggle so it's just wonderful the way you see the blessings and positives in even the small things, focusing on them instead of allowing the trivial annoyances of everyday to get you down.
    You are, indeed, inspiring! :) Looking forward to more thoughts from you!

  7. great writing, and I love the sentiment. I'll be following now, I need more of this kind of thought in my life. :~) -AL


  8. You are lovely Jennifer. I'm only just feeling that I might be managing to be more postive than negative with those around me at the age of fifty! It's one of Life's inner struggles...

  9. very good written; I like almost all your posts.. keep on writing like this and pls help me in writing like this if u can.

  10. Laena: Hahaha, yeah! I thought about that after I hit publish, it made me giggle, a little. :P And very true. :D

    Claudia Rose: Aw, thanks, girl. :)

    Karson: Thank you so much. :) I will admit, sometimes I don't seem very optimistic, because of my sarcasm and few complaints here and there on Twitter, but unless it's blatantly obvious that I am bothered by something, I would hope people wouldn't take it too seriously.

    Trisha: Thank you so much! I love making people happy. :)

    ashlee.smith93: Glad to be of assistance. :D

    Aruba: I am sorry to hear that, but I am glad my post did something for you. I, too, have dealt with a bit of depression, but mostly just crazy hormones (I am female, after all). It can be incredibly tough to stay positive, but I have been telling myself it for five years now, and it's worked out great so far: it's all a mind game. It's all just in your mind. May not seem like it a lot of the time, but you can overcome anything if you just believe there is a light at the end of any tunnel...

    capnscruffy: Yay! Active followers are the best! Hope to hear from you soon. :) And I hope I continue to do something for you.

    Lady Mondegreen: Never too late to learn anything! :D I just don't like being down so I do my best not to be. :)

    Huzefa: Lemme' know what you need help with, and I'll do my best. I have a ton to learn myself (and a LOT I would change about this post looking at it again)...

  11. I really enjoyed reading this post, especially since A. Frank had a huge impact on my life as well. Keep on shining :)

  12. greetings from Poland.(; ;****

  13. Anne Frank's diary is very powerful and I have been lucky enough to visit the attic were she wrote it. Very eerie experience but well worth your time if you ever can go.

    It is important and significant that her writing still influences and affects people as generations go on

  14. You write courageously and with brutal honesty. You have inspired me to not be so guarded in my own blog.

    Consider me another one of your engaged readers.

    You've scored yourself another follower :)

  15. Hi

    That's a really nice post, I'm new to this site and this is the first thing I've read on here and I hope to read more from you :)

  16. Hi there

    I have just discovered your blog and its awesome. As a new blogger myself I have found blogworld a very creative and supportive space. Looking forard to more posts - Keep typing:):):)

    Olga from

  17. Ivana: Glad to hear it. I hope she knows what she did for the world.

    Weronika: Hello. :)

    Patrick: I want to visit so very badly! I did a school project on her once and replicated the attic for it. :D

    Brock: Such kind words. Thank you.

    Olga and Max: Thank you for joining me! It's a pleasure to have you. :)

  18. hello :) I found your blog in blogs of note, and love the name! now I love your blog!

  19. Congratulations!You have an amazing blog!Keep being optimistic and gifted person as well!


  20. So much true behind those words. It's a weird time now a days.

    Sometimes is sad that people are no thankful to be alive.

    The American way of living has become become so conformist most people settle for mediocre way of life.

    BTW, I like your blog. Keep it up. :)

  21. Great writing and perspective! I may have to keep that book in mind for my daughter for when she's a bit older. :)

  22. "We have been able to breathe the air and see life with fresh eyes--whether some have taken the opportunity or not is another story entirely, but it is there for the taking, just waiting." Love it! So true, how each and every one of our lives aren't there solely for the contemplation but "for the taking", as you said. To often, we stop ourselves to the fact that we should be grateful for what we have and never want to actually enjoy it. To often, we are victims of the beliefs society brought upon us, influencing us towards the shame of being fortunate and happy. I just think we are here on earth for one thing; Life. Let it be the most exalting experience that has ever been lived.

  23. Agree. Very good blog. It is always about the people. Or it should be.

  24. Jandy xx: Aw, glad to have another reader! :D I always appreciate it.

    Aurangel: Thank you so much for your kind words! :D I'm doing my best.

    Maye Marley III: Thank you so much. I enjoy your kind of comments. :)

    adrielleroyale: It's definitely a good read. :)

    becks: Thank you so much for you comment. I absolutely love getting in-depth comments like yours. :D Thanks again.

    Zombie: Thank you.

    isoskim: <3

  25. Hi, my name is Amy I started a blog semi recently because people swear I tell decent stories, they are usually rants, but while looking through blogs briefly to find something, anything to talk about I found yours because it was on the "worthy" or whatever it is called list, and your first post I read included a picture and such, so I have been following you, because you inspired a few of my posts when I was like uhuh what do you want me to write about.
    As for your art project, my names Amy and I live in Pennsylvania. :)

  26. "I may have not been born into money, but I was born into love"...that's my favourite sentence of yours so far, very beautifully written as always. I too strongly agree with the fact that we are all very lucky just to be here and have a chair to sit and a computer to read stuff in...and i too think that it's important to feel grateful for what we have and not choosing to only look at the things we do not have, at the things that went wrong or that could potentially go wrong. Let's all be grateful for our present, in every sense of the word (cause as lame as it sounds, like cheap-philosèhy lame, life is a let's be grateful for life, and the time we get to have it, which is the present). thanks for sharing


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