Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Little More Than 100 Words: Magic

We went underground for a gathering of minds. There were a collection of monsters, a haze of anticipation and spells ready to be cast. I took a step back to watch it all unfold, and was mesmerized by it all.

It was magical.

We were in a shop full of nerdy boys and a few nerdy girls who were all playing a card game, all enthusiastic, and all trying to balance strategy with ploy. The air was thick with a sweaty musk. I did not play, but part of me wanted to join them.

The lighting was bright--it almost made us forget how dark it was outside. My stomach growled, overshadowing the efforts of the creatures on the cards. No holographic or rarity of any sort, could defeat the force of my stomach, and the night ending, shamefully.

My apologies were unneeded, but I felt responsible. However, the rest of the night was as enjoyable as it began. It always is with these people--underground gamers by night, my heroes by day. Magic.


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  1. Your writing is absolutely amazing. One question - when did/how did your idea of '100 words' start?

  2. Artfully described. Next time stop at Taco Bell first.

  3. Very nice:) Pozdrowienia z Polski:))

  4. nerd.


    but i've been dragged into that crowd so i guess i'm okay with it. Marines are the biggest nerds on the planet. should have known that before i married him. hahaha jk. i love the nerd.


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