Monday, January 24, 2011

100 Words: Make your own happiness.

My mind goes into overdrive, and my heart collapses. I suddenly feel defeated.
But there are photographs strewn everywhere of people who love me, and they are all the proof I need to believe I can make it through anything. With a bit of prayer and those smiles gleaming back at me, I am ready.

There is a light within us all. Happiness is momentary, but joy is eminent. Joy wakes me up and gives me hope when things fall apart. So, with all I have and all of this joy, how can I be unhappy?

Make your own happiness.


  1. one word: wow.

  2. Love this.

    I always say Happiness is a choice.

    When I find it difficult to remember what it feels like I write a blessings list.

    The scritch scratch sound of the pencil on the paper outlining the good things around me can usually bring me back to happy...or at least in the same neighborhood.

    I always figure that tomorrow just might be I should probably enjoy today and whatever trials and tribulations surround me.

    Have a sweet day, Miss Jennifer!

    Warm hugs from Arizona!

  3. Jenny: that sounds like an awesome way to lift your spirits. :D

    Phillip: Thanks!

  4. I really like that! I'm going to make my own happiness everyday:)


  5. I love the picture in this post! So cool!

    An Improbable Fiction

  6. I like this. I always have to remember.. I can't control things that happen, only can control how I react to them. I choose to be happy :)

  7. Thank you so much, Courtney! :) I'm glad you choose to be happy, too.

  8. "There is light within us all"

    Beautiful <3


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