Sunday, November 7, 2010

I and Love and You

The Avett Brothers are best known for their song "I and Love and You." The song itself moves at a slow pace, reflective of the morose tone of its words. The line in the chorus that reads, "Three words that became hard to say: I and love and you," says it all. We live in a world of cynics. Passion is not reflected in our work or in the way we treat the ones we love anymore. Even those who claim they want to change the world or "spread the love" are so cynical about the current shape of things they find it hard to even start anywhere, and simply glide down the sidewalks, head down, just like the rest, with an undeserving sense of self-worth. I do not know if the world truly is as evil as others try to make it look. I find it hard to not find love where I am.

It is love that helps me go to sleep at night with a sense of hope for tomorrow; love that makes me laugh until I cry, and cry until the tears have run dry. It is with love I hug my friends and family. It is with love their arms will hug me back. These people--and even animals, because I cannot fairly exclude the three dogs I have at home who love me unconditionally--would do anything for me, and I for them. I strive to make them proud. My art and my passion for life run off of the power I get from the ones I love. I may be unbearably too positive at times, but without such an annoying trait, I would not be who I am.

How could I ever ignore the love I have in my life, when in every corner there is a new embrace and new face mouthing the same words back to me. And even in a small apartment there is a man who says it with so much care, I would not dare believe it to be a lie. And it is there I am most careful to say it and mean it. Because while some may believe "I love you" to be but empty words, I mean them more than I have meant anything else in my life.


  1. I completely agree! I find that the times when my husband and I are the most lovey-dovey with each other, I feel like the day is worth living (not that I don't usually feel that way, but on those days, it's just extra special!)
    Terrific post!

  2. Love that song, love this post.

    You're lovely.


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