Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

She just kept staring at me, nervous, alarmed and confused. I would have loved to soothe her, but she is deaf and probably a little senile. She had everything in common with my grandmother--or that we joke of--except for the tail glued between her legs (and even then we still joke). But after an hour, her eyes were drifting and even the sharp sounds of the Millennium Falcon could not startle her. "Priscilla!" I called in a rather high-pitched voice. She did not move. I counted down the moments until she was comatose and though I had never spent the night in this house, I was happy to be in familiar territory.

Still not hearing anything from the job for which I interviewed Thursday, I gladly took the opportunity to make some extra money by spending the week at my friend's home to look after the house and her Chihuahua. The poor thing would make an excellent chew toy for my three barbaric beasts at home, but she is too fragile for me not to feel some sort of sympathy for her. The bright side to babysitting a broken dog is the fact that the weight of my wallet is sure to change.

After three hours and two episodes of Star Wars, fireworks began shooting off deep inside the neighborhood. It figures of all the noises Priscilla cannot hear, fireworks would be one that would make her ears stick straight in the air--my glancing at her seems to have the same effect; I am quite certain, inside that insane little head of hers, this canine holds the belief that when she leasts expects it, I am going to attack her. She is probably trying to sort it in her mind I am not an intruder, but a friend.

It has been awhile since our family, despite the patriotism my father harvests within his chest, has done anything for Independence Day. I never thought I would have spent it with a burnt bag of popcorn, Han Solo and a Chihuahua with trust issues. Happy birthday, America.


  1. It seems even deaf animals can hear somethings when they want to. That was the way it was with my in-laws cat.

    And I can think of worse people to spend a holiday with than Han Solo :) I wanted a bit of good old Star Wars myself this weekend.

    Happy Tuesday,

  2. Haha. Oh, make no mistake about it, I think Han Solo is great. But... It's hard to enjoy him with a scrawny dog staring you down.

    I'm gonna' sign on today and be a bit more interactive... Starting with reading posts I have missed from everyone. Heh.


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