Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday Night Lights

The night was full of smiles, loud music, video games and too much caffeine. The room was full of old friends and new friends. And despite smoke being blown into every pore of my body from the cheap Winston's of which "tasted like ass," according to one boy there still making smoke rings because his wallet would not allow a trip for his favorite brand, I could not have chosen a better lasting memory for the end of my summer. I am certain it is the last time our large group will see each other again, collectively, before the sun rises to autumn. As a result of the adventure and drama that occurred over this season's expanse, I have even more people to which I can return on the few weekends I have to sneak away from campus. They make me smile. They give me a reason to sincerely laugh. That is all I ultimately ask. A life of only humoring others leaves little time for genuine enjoyment of one's own. And I like killing two birds with one stone.

The host's parents arrived home tired and kicked the bulk of us out of their humble home only an hour after midnight. I proceeded with three others to the park where we would be until 4:30 in the morning. In this town, the only lights on this Friday night were the few headlights whizzing by and one baseball field still lit up due to an unforeseen overtime lasting into the wee hours of the morning. Rescued from the smells of smoke and my ears now adjusting to the normal silence of the night, I was perfectly content to sit on the park bench with these three guys--my best friends--and do nothing but talk. Talk about the nothings of our short lives that made us laugh and swap war stories of the folks back home from which we were running, hiding in the shadows of the longest night I can remember spending with someones.

I was just trying to savor it all.

It was not until 5:30 I arrived home. The sky was already beginning to brighten and I still wreaked of smoke and the pancakes we ate at a nearby diner before deciding to call it a night. My pillow felt fluffier than I remembered; as if the cotton stuffing was made of clouds meant to carry me away for the next 12 hours of sleep. The afternoon was alive and bright when I awoke, and my family had already started their day without me. With the stench of yesterday still glued to my shell, I threw on some jeans and went out the door for my meager needs and routines of a Saturday afternoon: grocery shopping with my stepmother. There I would be bored out of my mind, but relaxed and happy. Sometimes, shopping to stay alive is not quite as bad as others make it seem. All you need is a complete grocery list and the discernment to know which brand is the best peanut butter. I am going to miss this--the late nights and the grocery shopping. At school, I am on my own for it all. Between exams, no one has time for such luxuries as togetherness.


  1. I can somehow smell the cigarette smell~ cough2x*
    Anyway, I can't believe summer comes to an end pretty soon...time does fly!


  2. Yeah, took awhile to wash it completely out of my hair. :\

    But this summer has been worth it, I think. :)

  3. This is lovely. It takes me right back to that time in life between school and college, when you know things will change beyond recognition but you don't know how.

  4. Sounds like a nice going away party for summer. I miss staying up until the wee hours with friends, just chatting. Seems like I'm the only one who still has the energy to do so? That's sad...we're not THAT old!!!

    Enjoy your week,

  5. Yay! My two favorite people commented, haha. Okay, enough gushing...

    Mr London Street: Thank you! Things have definitely already started changing and for some of us, it's our second year of college and we still don't know what to expect...

    Jen: Aw, at least you have the energy! Maybe you should pump your friends full of caffeine and force them to stay up with you! Hahaha.

  6. Ahh, I miss those good old days where I can stay up the whole night with my friends and not feel tired!

  7. I'm actually surprised that I was able to do it. But, if I'm not sitting in one place for too long then I'm good.

  8. I think it's so important to seize the day and all that.
    Life is short.
    My husband and I are often the last ones to leave still...

    caught up with your posts this evening, sorry for the long absence.

    With 3 of my five heading back soon , I still can't believe how this world entices me.

    glad you had a wonderful summer.

  9. I'm just glad you were able to catch up! Hope your summer has been wonderful...

  10. That was so well-written! I too am mourning that school is starting so soon. :(

  11. Ha, yeah, it's a blessing and a bummer.

  12. wow. i love the way your write :)
    cant wait to read more.

    please take a look.

  13. Always worth my while to stop by and see what you are cooking up. Your post sums up my feelings completely. (although I had 12 hour day at work after my allnighter, rather than a 12 hour nap. haha) You truly have a gift with writting!

  14. Aw, thank you! I'm so happy to hear that you like my stuff! It keeps me so motivated.


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