Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Signs Pointing Home

After a long night of traveling, I love nothing more than seeing the signs on the road that point to home. The exit numbers changing, getting closer to my own. And of course, my favorite sign: the sign with my hometown plastered all over it. Thursday night, Shanna came to campus and we made the three-hour journey back home. Goosebumps overwhelmed me as I read the sign for our exit. I was home. Though the house was out of clear view, I was still home and that is all that mattered.

When we entered the town square, I was reminded how much I love this place. The Square, to me, is the most beautiful place in the entire world. And I know that might seem like an exaggeration given I have not been many places, but nothing can compare to the quaint shops and the glorious court house with its amazing clock tower. Something about the square gives me joy no matter what time of year it may be. And the further I am from it, the more I long to see it. The more I wish I were walking around, enjoying the sunshine, watching children play, or grabbing a nice lunch at one of the restaurants on the corner, or getting a freshly-baked cupcake from the bakery.

I have spent so much of my life in the square with friends or by myself. It is home. Nothing else could compare. And while this town continues to grow, and trees are cut down to build pointless strip malls or gas stations, it is in the square where everything feels the same and where I am comforted after being away for too long.

Signs are a powerful thing--whether they be signs from God, Allah, or the devil; signs pointing to a hot spot where the teens like to loiter; or signs pointing to a long-awaited destination. Signs show a person where they want to go and where they are headed. I have just a couple of weeks left before my spring semester finally reaches an end, and I cannot wait to make the trip again just so I can see all the signs as I get closer to home once more for 3 months of summer vacation. I have plans this summer and personal projects I want to start. And just as where everything ends, it will all begin here: home.


  1. aw loved reading this. i hope we can someday find a place that feels like home to us. :)

  2. :) I'm sure you guys will! From your blog it seems like y'all can just fit in with people well.

  3. aw this is beautiful!
    i love coming home from school and getting closer and closer and seeing all the familiar signs and buildings. its such a wonderful feeling!

  4. Thank you so much for including me in the awards list!

    I'll like you to know that reading your comments always bring a smile to my face and they really mean a lot to me:)


  5. Chelsea: I'm glad someone else knows what I mean! I know it's going to feel about ten times more exciting and overwhelming when I go home in a few weeks for summer. :)

    Sher: I'm glad my comments make you smile. :D And you're welcome! Well-deserved!

  6. This is lovely. May I link to this post on Friday on my blog.

    I love this. Thank you for taking me home with you!

  7. Oh Jennifer. Thank you for the award. That was so sweet of you.

    I always feel a bit out of sorts here with your young friends and your young life but that old soul inside of you always lets me know I am welcome...

    And I belong here.

  8. koitheawesome: Thanks! :D I'm glad you like them! I try to put my best ones on here!

    Jenny: You totally belong here! You're awesome! And yes you can link to this post! :D I'm honored you'd want to! :D And I'm happy you enjoyed the trip! :P

  9. That feeling never changes when you've loved and been loved in a place that holds the key to your heart.

  10. Dear Jenny left a link to this post of yours... And I followed it.

    Thank you for a sweet peek at sweet "Home Coming." We didn't all have it, when growing up. I'm so happy that you do.

    Gentle hugs...

  11. Just so you will know that I'm really a "busy-body" blogger... ,-) May I wonder why you have both Word Verification and Comment Moderation turned on, in your Settings?

    Personally, I dislike "Word Ver". But I use "Comment Mod" myself.

    I read my comments and don't post SPAM.

    But I don't find it necessary to have both.... "Word Ver" and "Comment Mod."

    I'll run away now. ^_^

  12. Oh, I love those beautiful squares in Georgia. When we visited Savannah, we were charmed beyond belief. And I bet a small town is even better!

    I know your home will welcome you...


    PS. I am visiting from Jenny's blog. Glad she sent me!

  13. Cheryl: That it does. :)

    Aunt Amelia: Thanks. :) Honestly, the word verification was just on here by default and I've always been too lazy to shut it off... It's really not that big of a deal though... I mean, I might take it off, but... At the end of the day does it really kill anyone to type in a few letters before they hit submit?

    Sue: I'm glad she sent you, too! :D Yeah, Savannah is AMAZING!!!! It's my second-favorite place in the world. Home just comes first because it's home, but Savannah is so fabulous, words cannot describe! I'm trying to go there this summer with the family. :) I think my stepmom and I will be going to a wedding there so hopefully we'll have time to chill there, too. :D

  14. I am here, via Jenny Matlock...nice to see you are a Geogia girl. I am as well - from Columbus, over 65 years ago - though I've lived in the San Francisco area some 33 years and love it here. Still, I call Columbus "home". Sadly, Feb 17th, I arrived for what was to be a three week visit with my mother
    ( who, at 86, still lived alone in a duplex apartment ) and found her in terrible shape. As an RN myself, I suspected she had suffered a stroke. She was hospitalized for a week, in atrial fibrillation and, indeed, had suffered a right temporal lobe stroke. Fortunately, my brother and his wife had recently moved bak to the Atlanta area after eight years in Florida, and my mother is now in assisted living in Lawrenceville. I spent a week closing up her apartment, donating most of her belongings and furnishings and realizing that I will probably not visit my "home" again. I only have one high school friend left there - I wrote in my blog about him - "Fifty Years of Friendship." That made me so sad.

    Enjoyed your post very much!

  15. That was great, just great. I could see the square, and the teens hanging out, and feel your longing. Excellent writing. I got her from Jenny Matlock. Would love to have you visit me at Life is Good.

  16. I feel the same way about my home. There is something about this place that just speaks to my soul.

    You are wise beyond your years. I'll come back and visit soon!

  17. RNSANE: I'm sorry to hear about all that but I am so glad she is being taken care of! Cool to meet another Georgia girl, haha. It seems in the blogging realm you rarely meet anyone in your own home state. And I am glad you enjoyed my post. I am so honored that Jenny thought it was worth mentioning.

    Tina: I will definitely visit you at your blog, thank you so much for stopping by. Jenny is bringing in so many readers on my behalf, and I can't help but wonder if I am even worthy of it. I am so happy you enjoyed my post.

    Rocky Mountain Woman: I am so happy you enjoyed the post, too! Seems like this one is getting a lot of attention and I couldn't be more thrilled. I do hope you stop by again! I plan on dropping by every newcomer's blog and seeing if I can leave a comment for them. :)

  18. I am here via Jenny Matlock, and I am glad to be here. Sharing on your web home your thoughts about being home was a pleasure to read. Home has been a hearty topic for me lately on many different levels, memories, futures etc. and as I said to Jenny Home, I have decided is a choice and and if you choose to love it for what it is today then you are truly home.


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