Friday, April 9, 2010

A Good Friday

I woke up at 7:30 this morning to call my friend, Elizabeth, and make sure she was not running late. After having a mental breakdown, she decided to travel back home--an hour away--and sleep there for the night. We had a geology test this morning at 11:oo and I could not let her miss it. If I was going down, she was going down with me. It is what friends do for one another, after all. Luckily, today was much better for Elizabeth and I than yesterday. Sometime while she was home, she had an epiphany: everything is going to be alright. (Because when I said it to her fifteen times yesterday, it just would not stick. Which I can understand, but my usual talent for giving advice does not typically go ignored as it did with her.) Last night, I was cranky and managed to even pout about the rain, and then woke up this morning to wonderful 65-degree weather. Thank you, Spring.

The plan was simple: take my geology test (speed through it, actually) and escape the depressing lecture hall with enough time to spare for an actually satisfying lunch and entertain Elizabeth before she had to venture to her Spanish class--a language to which I am happy I never bothered learning. I hate the lecture hall. It is too large, and full of too many students. A majority of the students that are present test day, I would have never guessed were even on the roster. Most of the time, the auditorium is all too vacant. We found a space on the second row. Perfect! I wanted to be somewhere close. I could turn the test in and leave without disrupting too many people. However, we were not the only ones trying to make plans for a quick escape. Soon enough, the whole row was full of students. I completed the test half-heartedly in 20 minutes. Then came the most challenging part of the morning: getting out of the row of seats to turn in the answer sheet.

I managed to scoot out of the row seemingly fine. The only problem was my foot apparel. I was wearing flip-flops. Not my best idea considering squeezing past people's knees and desks is grounds for more athletic attire. Most of the students on our row were also some of the same students who overheard me say, "And he likes anal," a week before, and I am sure they remembered, which meant I got a few grins as I passed. The acoustics in the lecture hall are very good--another reason to hate the class. I would love to say the conversation was more harmless than my outburst would imply, however, I would have to, unfortunately, lie about the entire context of the conversation itself. I am not one for lying. But I will ease everyone's mind by stating it was all in humor. We were not having a serious sexual conversation in the middle of our stimulating class about rocks, dirt, and more rocks. But I digress, one of my flip-flops managed to catch on the bottom of my jeans so I almost tripped walking to the front of the room. I really hate test days.

Elizabeth managed to follow my horrific, clumsy example not but ten minutes later. I was waiting for her outside of the room, and we walked to the parking deck for some food. Our destination was Slap Daddy's, a burger joint just on the outskirts of campus. Elizabeth has a bucket list she has constructed for me: movies I have to see and places I have to eat all before I die--which is apparently soon, because she is desperate to make these things happen. I have to admit, I am often nervous around her when she gets excited about these sorts of things. I was willing to try something new for lunch, though. I was sick of campus food and wanted a real burger. As greasy and unhealthy as you could make it. The place was kind of small, but I loved the service. And the burger was well worth being on my bucket list. I almost convinced myself to a get a t-shirt before we left, but there is time for that, contrary to what Elizabeth's list might infer about my lifespan. I am even happier to announce that while it may have been unhealthy, it was, in no way, as greasy as I was imagining. I have had worse from bigger chains.

While I was the epitome of "lady-like," plowing into my cheeseburger like an untamed 5-year old, dropping half of the contents back onto the table, Elizabeth could not seem to keep her thoughts to herself. It is not as if I minded, it was just something I noticed. She noticed it, too, but it did not stop her from talking. I was happy to hear her reminisce and become consumed in her moving-on-ness. It was much better than her constant babble about how sick and tired of everything she was. While I was there to comfort her tears, there is not much one can do for another when the advice given goes unnoticed. As I wrestled with an onion (because my open-bite makes it hard for me to bite down on sliced-onions, as much as I love them), she was lost in the past, smiling. It was not until she noticed my gruesome battle against my vegetable toppings that she stopped to smile at something else: me. Why is it so hard for people to pretend I am not mentally and physically challenged?

As much as I have loved today, it is just not my day to be graceful. Not that it ever is my day to be graceful. But while I was lighthearted, it is nice to know I was not just being humored by Elizabeth today, she was genuinely lighthearted and free of any of the world's weight. This is what I call a good Friday.


  1. Very nice photo. I hate waking up so early though.
    Ropi from hungary

  2. I love the pictures that you put with each of your posts. Make it very special.

  3. Ropi: Haha, I do, too. I hated myself for it. I took a quick nap before she got back in town. :) And thank you. I'm glad you like the photo.

    Samantha: Thanks so much! :D

  4. funny as all get out

  5. oh yeah me again and the pic is great. you have that shallow depth of field thing down pat in your photography and nowhere in your writing. :P

  6. ha, geee... how... kind of you to notice, haha.

    i'm glad you enjoyed my little story. lol.

  7. Great photo. You really do live your life every day! I admire that!

  8. definetly a great pic i love your blog very unique. follow me please if you like i will return the favor

  9. Haha, thanks! :) I'll definitely check out your blog.


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