Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finding the Right Words To Say

I cannot believe I have almost completed my first year of college. Last weekend, I would have been completely happy to hear that soon I will be gone. However, since then I have had some time to think about my life here and what I will miss. I do love this campus and the people. Before I know it, my time with these professors that I enjoy will be over and this campus and town that I have walked all over will be too far to just travel to by foot. I have discovered new, amazing places to take pictures on this campus and around town just by taking a nice stroll with friends--friends who have proven to be some of the best people I could ever meet. This place is like another world entirely from my home.

The tears might come or at least the moments of, "Aw, I'm going to miss you." But I really cannot wait to go home to my old friends and my family. I need to see them. I love what I have learned in my first year here through friends, professors and on my own. I appreciate everyone who has entered my life, good or bad, and taught me something new. Which is what makes this moment so bittersweet. I want anyone I have met during my stay here, who might be reading this, to understand they mean the world to me, and even if we have had our differences, this heart will still beat for them and I will still be there when they need it.

Along with those friends I expect to keep, it is particularly interesting the amount of people who have come in and out of my life so easily this year. I remember when I was younger, if a friend and I stopped speaking, I would be so hurt by it. I used to hold onto people and friendships as if I had nothing else going for me. Which was never true, I was just sensitive. Now, I have learned, in the years I have grown, how to make my days with someone last as important memories, and if they leave, learn to let them go. In the next however-many-years-it-takes-me-to-graduate, I hope that I can keep the close friends I have now, make more, and have enough pictures and memories to last me a lifetime.

I am closing this chapter of my life and welcoming the summer sun with open arms. I cannot wait to be reunited with everyone that made me who I was before I came to school, and make more memories with them this summer. It is nice to know that I never truly have to say "good-bye," to anyone. This is simply, "See you later."


  1. aww your posts always remind me of how enlightening & how great it is to meet new people & have new experiences in college. That's great that you feel like your going to see them later. I hope you do!!

    Thank u thank u Jen for your comments latey. Sry it took me a bit to respond. I needed the support. Thank u! Good luck in these final days of your first year!! =)

  2. Thanks!!
    And you're welcome! :) I hope the support is helping!

  3. You really have evolved. As for the people at home who shaped your life before now ... most of that is what you "got" but obviously whatever they contributed was good because you turned out just fine =)

    Aphorism once spoken to me by a mystic 70 years older that I was: "real friends always meet again."

    As always ... Enjoy.

  4. Not all of it is just what I got, though. I mean, if you want to be literal, you only learn what you "get," I guess....

    But thanks.

  5. This was really touching. There are so many moments in life where we go through periods of change and they're always difficult at first but life has a way of working those things out.

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed the entry. Change is hard, but more often than not, worth it in the end.

  7. Love the pictures - the first one especially! Isn't it neat how creativity and new exciting things can still be found in the same old place or subject?

    It's very exciting for you to be finishing your first year at college. You'll be aching to go back at least once over the summer (I promise). I used to count the days until summer and going home.. but, now, no one is home.. they all have jobs or internships or do summer school. I'm staying here for the summer.. working, and school. Oh well.

  8. Yeah, people have been telling me that. The only thing is a lot of my friends that I think of first when ti comes to the friends that mean the most, I have friends of different ages that go to my church and they mean a lot to me.
    So, even if the summers do divide us all up like that, it won't affect me the same as others... I have more than just them, y'know?

  9. awww,
    CONGRATULATIONS with finishing your first year of college!!!
    i'm slightly jealous of you because i still have a week to go!!

  10. Oh I still have next week--finals, but yeah as of right now I'm pretty much done with classes... With the exception of English on Monday, haha.

  11. What a beautiful smile you have, Jennifer!

    You have such amazing insight.

    You remind me of that 16 year old guy on American Idol who sings so amazingly and everyone is totally wowed and says stuff like "I can't believe you're 16".

    In a non-musical way.

    And not on TV of course.

    Happy May Day!

  12. Aw, thanks so much! :D You make me smile! :)


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