Saturday, April 24, 2010

Every Candle Has A Name

Friday night, I attended the Relay for Life event on campus. For me, it was just one step closer to my true healing of my mother's passing and my acceptance of who she was and who she was to me. There were booths set up for different activities, games, food and little things like glow stick bracelets and necklaces.

The Luminaria was my favorite part. Lines of bags with candles inside were laid out down the path to walk and lit in honor of those who lost, won and are currently fighting the battle against cancer. It was a very humbling moment.

The poem "Every Candle Has A Name" by John W. Storey was read, and the final stanza really spoke to me:

There’s a name
Of the ones who are still here.
There’s a name
Of those gone we still hold dear.
There’s a name
Each one shining in the flames
And we know,
That every candle has a name.

For many, the world is bigger than their circle of friends or the size of their yard. For many, their life is completely unpredictable and the future is unknown. Every walk in the park could be their last. Every visit to the doctor could be more than just a visit. Every birthday is counted, every anniversary is cherished. Dates and numbers are stored to look back on later just in case tomorrow does not bring more memories.

We often forget the reality and horrid truths of our world in the midst of our blind happiness. While I believe in being positive and always looking towards the future with a smile, one cannot forget no one has complete control over their life. To believe otherwise would be shameful.

I am okay with understanding I will never be in control of everything. It is, after all, what keeps life interesting. And when faced with a challenge, staying positive is the best way to fight it and understanding that whatever happens, happens for a reason. The more someone tries to fight nature/God's plan, the worse the outcome will be.

I wish more people understood that.


  1. This was very touching and inspiring. It's so easy to forget what you're missing around here just getting dragged down and around by day to day life. It's a big universe and we're lucky if we can even control little bits of it. It's hard to pay attention to our own mortality until we're in fear of losing it. That's how it seems anyway, we all should try a little harder to appreciate people in our lives that won't be forever.

  2. It makes me think of the brevity of life and how quickly like a candle flame is extinguished. Arghh, I wish i had more control sometimes.

  3. Yeah, more control would be nice at times... But I kinda' like unpredictability. It wouldn't make my life what it is.

  4. Totally agree.. When I had that health scare, it made me really scared that any point of time I could die. So 'carpe diem' is what I live by.

    We had relay for life at my High School. It was pretty amazing helping out. It makes me feel good and to see so many survivors inspire me that if they can get through their ordeal, then I can too. :D

  5. I agree with everything you said. But its easier to ignore it. and nicer to live in happiness then saddness, and thats why I think we cover it up.

  6. Jennifer: Yeah, I definitely want to try and participate whenever I can from now on.

    Jordan: That is true... It's sad that we do, though...

  7. So heart warming...
    Life is so fragile, it's a good reminder as well. My sist is a survivor~ Great post Jennifer!


  8. Tell her I said, "Congrats!" :D
    She's the reason these things are inspiring... :)


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